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You’ll want full breeches and leather uniform, biker gear, or kilts. Leather jocks, shorts and harnesses are also popular choices. Denim jeans are acceptable if worn under chaps or with leather boots and a leather top or vest.


You have plenty of options with rubber, from catsuits to jocks. Aprons can create an industrial look, while masks and hoods build the mystery.


Full football and rugby kit, American football, boxing, or cycling gear all work! Feel comfortable in scally gear, trackies and trainers, sports jocks and harnesses, or indulge your inner superhero in Lycra.


Get your hair cropped, shaved or in a Mohican. Bleachers and a polo shirt are classics. An Alpha Industries jacket, boots and braces create the traditional hard look.


Pups can use elements from other fetishes, such as leather harnesses, shorts and knee pads. It’s all about attitude and the way you play. Pup tails, collars, leads, hoods and masks are also key.


Full uniform from any of the services: air force, army, navy, ambulance/medical, SWAT or fire brigade. Work gear, overalls and hi-vis jackets also get the job done.